Standing, walking, running, jumping… and thanks to whom? At the foot.
To ensure all these functions, the foot is a complex mechanism that includes around thirty bones, a good twenty muscles, around a hundred ligaments and nerves, around thirty joints, and more than 7,000 nerve endings.
Constantly solicited, often stoic, when the foot cracks it hurts. So pay him a little attention from time to time. As for bad smells, you shouldn't ask too much of them: locked up all day in a shoe, it's no surprise that your feet sweat.
Why do feet smell so strong?
Many sweat glands are nestled under the soles of the feet. They act as a thermostat and help regulate the heat caused by the outside temperature and the many frictions that heat up the foot. In addition, wearing closed shoes and the use of synthetic socks increase perspiration. The feet become sweaty and unpleasant odors appear.
How to fight against excessive sweating of the feet?
The ideal would be to walk in sandals, unfortunately on a daily basis this is not really possible. Avoid shoes whose interior is made of synthetic materials and bet on natural fiber socks.
For athletes, most brands offer socks whose specially treated fibers allow the evacuation of perspiration by keeping the feet dry and avoiding the formation of bad odors thanks to a bactericidal treatment. Finally, special foot deodorants, easier to use than our grandmothers' talc, will allow you to feel comfortable in your shoes all day long.

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