50 years of experience in podiatry
The story

ALPSKIN was founded in 1995 by Eric, a recognized expert with over 50 years of experience in the cosmetic and podiatry industry. Inspired by the botanical richness of the Alps and the specific needs in foot care, ALPSKIN was born with a clear vision: to offer natural and effective solutions for foot health.

Today, we are proud to offer a range of treatments that meet the specific needs of our customers and that embody our passion for nature and science.

Our Laboratory

Our laboratory is located in our premises in Montreal. It is the beating heart of our company, where we use the most advanced technologies to develop safe and effective products. We adhere to strict quality standards and conduct rigorous testing to ensure the effectiveness and safety of each product.

Our formulations are the result of careful research and the use of high quality natural ingredients. We combine modern science with the ancestral benefits of plants to offer innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers.

Our Products

Our range of products is specially designed to meet the needs of foot care, in particular to combat fungus and other podiatric problems. Each ALPSKIN product is formulated with a carefully selected blend of essential oils with antifungal and soothing properties.

Our products stand out for their effectiveness and ability to restore foot health. Whether intensive serums, moisturizing creams or sanitizing sprays, each formulation aims to deliver visible and long-lasting results. Natural ingredients and rigorous manufacturing processes ensure our products are both safe and potent.


Carefully crafted formulas aimed at restoring foot health and providing lasting relief.

Advanced Protection

Protects against fungal infections and other skin conditions through preventive action.

Plant ingredients

Natural formulas for a gentle and skin-friendly care experience.