Many products should be avoided during pregnancy to relieve certain functional disorders. Here is a great help. Be aware, however, that essential oils must be handled with caution.
Uses for using essential oils:
– In massage (never put pure essential oils on the skin without professional advice)
– In the bath (essential oils never dissolve in water. They remain on the surface and some can burn the skin. You need to mix them with a neutral base purchased from pharmacies or natural product stores).
– Vaporized or inhaled
– Swallowed
– Cooked
Essential oils to use very carefully:
– Typical thyme
– Oregano with carvacrol
– Saniette
– Cloves
– Cinnamon leaves and bark
– Citrus essential oils. They are photosensitizing. Do not use them especially before exposure to the sun.
Essential oils to exclude:
– Essential oils containing ketones or phenols (thuya or mugwort) should be avoided, especially internally because they are neurotoxic.
– Sage officinalis is abortifacient (totally not recommended for pregnant women)
– Hyssop

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