The cracks or crevices appear at the level of the heel. The skin dries out, it turns yellow. It becomes rougher and forms calluses.
Are foot cracks your Achilles heel? No problem, we will then explain the causes of this problem to better treat it. The heel is the strongest part of the foot, however it does not absorb moisture as quickly as other areas.
The skin then tends to dry out and cracks appear. The cracks are therefore the result of repeated micro-traumas on the back of the foot.
These are produced by the impact of the heel against the sole. Wearing tap shoes (mules, clogs, flip flops) also promotes this kind of problem.
You can opt for Talus Balm which reduces the dryness of the heel. It promotes healing and repairs cracks and cracked feet.
Avoid using a file, if the cracks are already present. This could irritate your foot even more and make the problem worse.
Don't wait for the skin to become dry and cracked. Take care of your feet to prevent cracks. Be sure to moisturize your feet regularly, you can use Sahara.ou Medic moisturizing cream This 99.8% natural cream prevents calluses. Also avoid wearing high-heeled shoes too often.
Choose shoes that are cushioned and comfortable instead.
Watch your weight. Your heels are the first to suffer and bear your extra pounds.

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