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Forti Intensive Serum, enriched with a complex of essential oils with antifungal properties, effectively fights nail fungus, yellowed and damaged nails, as well as nail psoriasis. The product acts mechanically by forming a protective lipid film which eliminates fungal infections and promotes the natural renewal of the nail.

This unique formulation provides rapid and effective treatment for yellowed and fungus-damaged nails. The serum strengthens the protective barrier of the nail, restores its natural immunity and helps eradicate the fungi responsible for yellow, thickened or peeling nails.

In addition to lastingly treating onychomycosis and preventing the spread of infection to other toenails, it also stimulates nail growth and is suitable for both fingernails and toenails.

Apply one to two drops of the product to each nail twice a day.

For external use only

Glycine soya oil
Vitis vinifera, Ricinus communis
Olea europaea, Melaleuca alternifolia
Lavandela officinalis
Citrus limonum
Mentae piperita
Origanum vulgare
Vitamin E

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We generally observe a thickening on the affected nail, sometimes white spots or a yellowed, detached nail which crumbles and breaks easily. However, we advise you to have the appearance of your nail noted by a podiatrist if in doubt.

Results may vary depending on the severity of the infection and how the serum is used. However, most users see significant improvement after a few weeks of regular use.

Yes, this serum is suitable for both fingernails and toenails. It is formulated to effectively treat mycosis and other fungal infections on all nail types.

Forti Intensive Serum is generally well tolerated by most users. However, as with any cosmetic product, allergic reactions can occur. If irritation or allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use of the product immediately and consult a healthcare professional.

  • Keep your nails short
  • Dry your toes and between your toes well after getting out of the shower
  • Remove your socks and shoes at home to prevent your feet from remaining damp (maceration causes the fungus to proliferate)
  • Apply the solution to the yellowed nail twice a day, every day, until the nail visually improves (around 4 months for a toenail)
  • Wear sandals in public places (swimming pools, showers, changing rooms) to avoid any risk of contagion

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Très bon produit

Ca fait 3 ans que jessai de me debarasser de la mycose des ongles avec les produits prescrit et toujours se la je découvre se produit ça fait bientôt un mois que je l utilise et voit beaucoup d amélioration

Sylvie Lanoix
Excellent produit

C’est un très très bon produit pour traiter la mycose des ongles
Il faut être vigilant, à traiter aussi le pied d’athlète avec la crème alpskin

Anne P.
Mes mycoses ont ENFIN disparus !

J'ai enfin trouvé un produit qui élimine la mycose de mon ongle. Je vois mon ongle renaître après avoir tester je ne sais combien de vernis et autres crème. Je recommande vivement !

Produit efficace

Produit facilement applicable et qui sent bon. J'utilise le forti intensif depuis bientôt 3 semaines et je commence à voir une différence. Mes 2 ongles des orteils sont en meilleur état.


I practice Podiatry and use these drops for work. I really like them. Thanks to the Company, I hope that I will be offered something else to work with.